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Globus Premium 400

Advieprijs 399€

  • Onze prijs 399 €
  • Gratis supplement van 12 elektroden ter waarde van 30 € (8 elektrodes 50x50 + 4 elektrodes 50x100)
  • Gratis supplement Gelflesje  ter waarde van  10 € 

GLOBUS Premium 400, the most advanced in its category!

The Premium 400 is a semi-professional electro stimulator that benefits from the latest Globus technologies:

Microcurrents: very low-intensity currents (not perceptible) that, by promoting cell growth, deeply stimulate painful areas for faster healing (tissue scarring, reduced inflammation, etc.).

Action Now: Technology that combines and synchronises electric stimulation with the user's voluntary contractions. Ideal application for practitioners and athletes since many muscle fibres are solicited and strengthened

3S – Serial Sequential Stimulation: Application with delayed activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2, which stimulates the muscles in the kinetic chain.
In beauty mode, it achieves deep drainage and promotes venous return.

With its wide range of applications, the Globus Premium 400 is one of the most versatile devices in our range. It will live up to your expectations!
It is aimed at athletes, beginners wanting to tone their body and practitioners on the lookout for versatility. With its refined design and “Soft Touch” coating, you will enjoy using it on a daily basis. 

Other key strengths of the GLOBUS Premium 400:
  • Special Sport programs: GLOBUS brings its expertise to the benefit of athletes by providing a list of preset programs designed specifically for your sport (martial arts, soccer, tennis, biking, running, cross-country skiing, golf).
  • 2 + 2 Feature: Ability to perform 2 different programs simultaneously
  • Run Time function: To change the time, frequency and pulse width during treatment
  • SynchroStim: Simply press one button to increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously
  • Last 10: The units saves the last 10 programs executed to quickly and easily re-selected them
  • Programmable: Create up to 10 programs configured and customized based on your individual goals
  • Favourite Programs: The GLOBUS Premium 400 can remember up to 15 programs per user
  • Work Time: To show the device's total usage time
  • Multi-User: Up to 10 people can share the use of the electro stimulator while maintaining their respective settings and preferences
  • Gender-specific applications: The programs are divided by gender in order to respect the physiological differences between men and women, and to achieve better results.
  • My Trainer: With the My Trainer function, you can display directly on the screen the correct position of the electrodes. This is simple and very convenient if you don’t want to always bring the electrode placement guide with you.
  • Back-lit Screen: Back-lit display, for easy viewing and good readability in all situations


113 "Real" programs  ·  11 application types


12 SPORT Programs
Capillarisation • Warm-up • Pre-competition warm-up • Active Recovery • Maximum strength • Resistance • Explosive strength • Aerobic resistance • Reactivity • Post-competition recovery • Relaxation • Hypertrophy 

7 SPECIAL SPORT programs
Running (Aerobic training, Aerobic competition, Aerobic rest) • Soccer (Strength, Resistance, Speed) • Tennis (Strength) • Biking • Martial arts (Explosive strength, Reactivity) • Cross-country skiing (Resistance & Endurance – preparation and competition) • Golf (Strength, Deltoid strength)

12 FITNESS programs
(gender-specific programs)
Firming • BioPulse firming • Slim your waist • BioPulse shaping • Toning • Mass development • Body sculpting • Muscle definition • Jogging • Anaerobic fitness  • Aerobic fitness • Cramp prevention

15 BEAUTY programs
(gender-specific programs)
Drainage • Lipolysis • BioPulse Relaxing massage • Skin tone improvement • BioPulse drainage • Toning massage  • Connective massage • Post-partum drainage • Post-partum lipolysis • Post-partum firming • Sinus firming • Sinus shaping • Swollen arms • Face capillarisation • Face-lifting effect

12 PAIN RELIEF programs
Conventional analgesic TENS • Menstrual pain • Modulated analgesic TENS • Hand osteoarthritis • Endorphinic TENS • Chronic pain • Shoulder pain (Scapulohumeral Syndrome) • Muscular pains • Chronic lower back pain • Neck pain • Bursitis-Tendinitis • Osteoarthritis

Mixed incontinence • Stress incontinence • Urge incontinence


Quadriceps atrophy (with knee prosthesis) • Post-ACL procedure recovery • Shoulder subluxation prevention

Epicondylitis • Scapulohumeral periarthritis • Muscular energy recovery • Contusion • Edema • Skin ulcer • Sciatica • Lower back pain • Brachial neuralgia • Persistent pain • Joint pain • Torticollis • Whiplash • Cervical spondylosis • Shoulder sprain • Carpal tunnel • Knee sprain • Knee osteoarthritis • Ankle sprain • Achilles tendon inflammation • Patellar tendon inflammation • Rotator cuff inflammation • Tendon inflammation

7 ACTION NOW Programs
Non-medical programs recommended for sport conditioning

Non-medical programs characterized by delayed activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2


Your electrostimulator Globus 400 comes with:


  • 1 GLOBUS Premium 400 electro stimulator
  • 1 Carrier pouch
  • 4 Cables for connecting electrodes
  • 2 Cables for MCR and ionophoresis
  • 1 Bag of 4 electrodes (50x50 mm)
  • 1 Bag of 4 electrodes (50x100 mm)
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 User manual



Globus Soccer Pro

Ideal for professional soccer players and goalkeeper.
SOCCER PRO is the only electrostimulator present on the market created with
specifi programs in order to improve the physical performance of the soccer
The programs are divided into four major areas corresponding to the main
filds of intervention of the physical training in soccer.


18 programs aimed to improve the muscular structure of the soccer player
and make it functional to the type of physical effort required in different game
situations. The main objectives are:

  • increase of the muscular force;
  • increase of the explosive force to improve the sprint, the speed in changing
    directions and the height of the jump;
  • improvement of the endurance and ability to maintain great levels of
    performance during all the game;
  • improvement of the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles;
  • improvement of the responsiveness and explosiveness of the goalkeeper.


5 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main
musculoskeletal ailments. In particular these programs aim to:

  • strengthen the ankle and the knee in order to prevent sprains;
  • reduce the number of injuries due to lesions and/or muscular cramps;
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles to prevent lumbagos.


5 programs to treat the traumas and the recurring ailments in the soccer
players, such as:

  • contusions and muscle contractures;
  • articular and tendinous inflmmations.


6 specific programs aimed to:

  • speed up the processes of removal of fatigue and lactic acid accumulated
    after the trainings and races;
  • release and relax the tensed and sore musculature .


  • 53 Sport
  • 58 Fitness
  • 36 Beauty
  • 13 Skin G-Pulse
  • 3 RiabRehab
  • 12 Pain -Tens
  • 23 Microcurrents
  • 1 Ionophoresis
  • 7 Action Now
  • 18 Serial Sequential Stimulation 3S

The employed advanced technologies make this stimulator extremely easy and safe in any situations.


  • Channels: 4 independent CHANNELS
  • Frequency: 0,3 – 150 Hz
  • Power: 120 mA per channel
  • Impulse amplitude: 40 – 450 µs
  • Wave form: Square, biphasic symmetrical compensated
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery
  • In compliance with the directive 93/42/CEE-2007/47/CEE 


  • 1 Carrying case
  • 1 GLOBUS SOCCER PRO electrostimulator unit
  • 4 Electrode connection cables
  • 4 Reusable adhesive electrodes (5x5 cm)
  • 4 Reusable adhesive electrodes (5x9 cm)
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 Operating manual
globus triathlon electrostimulationshop com

Globus Triathlon

Advieprijs 399€

  • Onze prijs 399 €
  • Gratis supplement van 12 elektroden ter waarde van 30 € (8 elektrodes 50x50 + 4 elektrodes 50x100)
  • Gratis supplement Gelflesje  ter waarde van  10 € 

Ideal for the triathlete training, with specific programs for cycling, swimming and running.

424 Programs
- 53 Sport
- 60 Special Sports
- 58 Fitness
- 60 Beauty
- 13 Skin-Face G-Pulse
- 3 Rehab
- 12 Pain-Tens
- 23 Microcurrents
- 3 Incontinence
- 1 Ionophoresis
- 84 Action Now
- 54 Serial Sequential Stimulation 3S

The employed advanced technologies make this stimulator extremely easy and safe in any situations.

New Globus Triathlon - If you are serious about improving your athletic muscle tone this is the only EMS muscle stimulator any serious triathlete will ever need - at a remarkably good price

If you are a general athlete check out The Premium 400 instead
The Triathlon is an Electro-Muscle Stimulator (EMS) designed specifically to meet the needs of Triathletes.
More videos down the bottom of this page by the way...
It is comparable to the Compex Mi Sport but costs about two thirds the price.
It is a full function four channel Electro-Muscle Stimulator (EMS) and it has a special intuitive displaywhich makes it easy to use without an instruction manual. Which is handy when you are trying to negotiate its 424 programmes.
The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and is made in Europe. Also provided is a power adaptor to allow use in the UK, Europe and America. 
Whether you are a serious triathlete competing at national or international level or you are just a regular triathlete who wants a top notch Electro-Muscle Stimulator for muscle toning you will not be disappointed with this unit.
What are EMS and why do you need one?
When your muscles contract, a signal travels from your brain down a nerve fibre to your muscles and the muscles contract. This is what happens when you train. You do a run set and your muscles learn to respond and you get fitter.
But it is also possible to bypass the brain and send an electrical impulse directly into the muscle. This is basically what an EMS does. However, your normal nerve signals are not perfect, they can be improved on. So with an EMS, like the Globus Triathlon, you can fine-tune the electrical impulse you use to train your muscles. And that scientific control means you can alter the way that muscle fibre behaves in a much more precise way compared to conventional training methods. With an EMS you can literally "tune" your muscles for specific sports.
And EMS work is done either lying or sitting, so you can safely increase your training load by working out when you are watching TV or travelling. Plus there is no impact on the skeleton/joints in the way there is with say running.
Why every athlete needs a Triathlon:
1. You will increase your performance - in studies athletic performance has been increased by up to 18%. Globus EMS similar to this are used by the Brazilian football team.
2. You can increase your ability to work out - because with a Triathlon EMS you can work out while you watch TV, on a plane/train or in bed.
3. Your muscles recover faster when you use the Active Recovery programme too.
Why the Globus Triathlon EMS is best in class:
  1. You can run two different programmes across the four channels (2+2 mode).
  2. It is specifically designed for triathletes. In fact, it is the only EMS specifically designed for triathletes.
  3. It has an intuitive, easy to use graphical display/guide.
  4. You can run two different programmes across the four channels (2+2 mode).
  5. It is 2/3rds the price of its nearest competitor.


Major Applications:

The Globus Triathlon can be used not just for Sports Training but also for General Fitness, Beauty, Rehabilitation and Pain Management.


Key Features of this muscle stimulator

  • "3S" Serial Sequential Stimulation. With this you get a sequential contraction of different muscle groups which produces a kind of pressure wave causing interstitial fluid drainiage and improved blood retrun flow to the heart. Instead of all four channels action at once there is a programmable delay between 1+2 and 3+4.
  • Triathlon Specific: a specific programmes for swimming, cycling and running. Rather than set your own programmes you can simply select the sport and start tuning specific muscle groups for that sport.
  • Action Now: This enables you to activate the muscular contraction through an external control managed by an operator (eg. a coach).
  • Face & Skin Treatments: triathletes generally have the best-looking bodies, why not get great skin as well! G-Pulse programmes stimulate collagen production.
  • Graphical Display - it shows you what to do, very easy to follow.
  • 2+2 Function: you can carry out two different programmes at the same time, either on two different people or two different parts of the body.
  • Automatic Mode (AUTO STIM®): The Globus Triathlon is the only stimulator on the market that lets you carry out a programme without manually intervening on the intensity.
  • Synchrosym: By pressing only one button, you can increase the intensity value on all the 4 channels at once.
  • Last 10 Memory: Triathlon keeps in its memory the last 10 programmes carried. Very handy.
  • Memo Function: Create your own personalised library of programmes.
  • Personal Trainer: You set the objectives, it helps you achieve them. You use software to plan out your EMS training programme.
  • Multi-user: Triathlon lets you share the stimulator between up to 10 different people, keeping the personal settings stored.
  • Special programming for men and women: The programmes are different for men and women because of the physiological differences between genders. 
  • Favourites: Store up to 15 different programmes
  • Working Time: Store total usage time of the device.
  • Special Sports: programmes tuned to develop the muscle function for the most common physical activities.



  • SPORT including: Capillarisation, Warm up, Pre Competition Warm Up, Active Rest, Maximum Force, Endurance Strength, Resistance Force, Explosive Force, Aerobic Resistance, Reactivity, Post-competition Recovery, Hypertrophy, Decontracting.


  • SPECIAL SPORTS including: Running, Cycling, Swimming


  • FITNESS including: Firming, Bio Pulse Firming, Sculpting, Bio Pulse Sculpting, Toning, Mass Development, Body Sculpting, Definition, Jogging, Anaerobic, Muscular, Muscular Preparation, Aerobic, Cramp Prevention


  • BEAUTY including: Lymph Drainage, Lipolysis (fat drainage), Relax Massage Bio Pulse, Skin Tone Improvement, Bio Pulse Drainage, Toning Massage, Connective Massage, Post Pregnancy Drainage, Lipolysis Post-Pregnancy, Firming Post-Pregnancy, Breast Firming, Breast Sculpting, Swollen Arms, Face Capillaries, Face Lifting Effect


  • REHABILITATION including: Atrophy Recovery, Recovery after ACL surgery, Shoulder Subluxation Prevention, Muscle Restoration


  • G-PULSE including: Breast and Cleavage Microlifting, Face Microlifting, Skin Elasticity, Cellulite, BioSkin Collagen, Wrinkles, Eye Wrinkles, Expression Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, Nail Strengthening, Bio Peeling, Hematoma.


  • PAIN & MICROCURRENTS including: Endorphinic Tens, Aematomas, Contractures, Sciatica, Antistress, Lumbago, Cervico Brachial Neuralgia, Cervical Pain, Periarthrytis, Epicondylitis, Nausea, Carpal Tunnel, Hip Arthrosis, Rotula Condhritis, Menstrual Pain, Intense Menstrual Pain, Antalgic Tens Acute Pain, Antalgic Tens Chronic Pain, Modulated Tens, Shoulder Pain, Bursitis Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Contusion, Hedema, Skin Ulcer, Stiff Neck, Whiplash.



Channels:         4 independent channels (8 electrodes)
Frequency:        0,3 – 150 Hz
Power:               120 mA per channel
Amplitude:         45 – 450 µs
Waveform:         rectangular, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated
Power supply:   Battery charger of  7.2 V—150 mA
Conformity:        It complies with the Standard ISO 9001, EN 46001 for medical device. Certified MDD (Medical Device Directive)


What's in the box?

1 Carrying case
1 GLOBUS TRIATHLON electrostimulator unit
4 Electrode connection cables
4 Reusable adhesive electrodes (5x5 cm)
4 Reusable adhesive electrodes (5x9 cm)
1 Battery charger
1 Operating manual (English-French-Es-It)


Compex Fit 3.0 "Actieprijs"

Bedoeld voor sporters die 3 keer in de week sporten en in vorm willen blijven. Het FIT 3.0 bevat dezelfde programma’s als de FIT 1.0 en een uniek Muscle Intelligence technologie. Het apparaat biedt ook een massageprogramma aan voor fitnessfans.

De Muscle Intelligence wordt bevestigd aan een spier voor een effectieve stimulatie. Hierdoor biedt het apparaat gelijktijdig comfort en betere prestaties. De MI-scan scant de spier en daardoor worden automatisch de parameters aangepast.

De fit 3.0 in gebruik

  • Versterking biceps
  • Training bilspieren
  • Helpt bij de algemene spieropbouw
  • Ontwikkeling van de armspieren en bovenbeenspieren
  • Training 6-pack
  • Ondersteunt de groei van haarvaten door middel van capillarisatie (doorbloeding)
  • Voert afvalstoffen af in het lymfevatensysteem


  • Wired (kabel)
  • Mi-scan
  • 4 kanalen
  • 20 progamma`s
  • Beeldscherm: matrix monochrome
  • Progammacategorieën: pijnbestrijding, herstel/massage, revalidatie en fitness
  • Oplaadbare batterijen
  • Vermogen: 120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz

Levering omvat:

  • Compex Fit 3.0
  • Set (4) kabels met snap-on stekkers.
  • MI-sensor kabel.
  • Oplader.
  • Opbergtas.
  • Bevestigingsclip.
  • 2 sets elektroden 5x5 cm.
  • 2 sets elektroden 10x5 cm.
  • Handleiding.
  • Instructie CD.
  • Programmaoverzicht.

Elders goedkoper? Laat het ons weten, info@elektrostimulatieshop.com 


  • 2 jaar garantie op het apparaat +  1 jaar extra garantie als u zich op de website van Compex registreert.
  • 6 maanden garantie op kabels, batterijen en oplader.